Shih-Chieh Dai (戴士捷)

Taipei, TW

I am a research assistant in Academia Sinica the most important research institute in Taiwan. My research mainly focus on deep learning and its applications in Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval. I am enthusiastic to tackle the real-world problem by using NLP technology and develop the program to apply DL technology. I am looking for a PhD position of Computer Science!


National Chengchi University
B.S, Department of Management Information System
Taipei, Taiwan | 2016 - 2020


Exam Keeper: Detecting Questions with Easy-to-Find Answers
Ting-Lun Hsu, Shih-Chieh Dai* , and Lun-Wei Ku (*Equal contribution)
WWW 2019 Demo Track [paper] [video]

Upstream, Downstream or Competitor? Detecting Company Relations for Commercial Activities
Yi-Pei Chen*, Ting-Lun Hsu*, Wen-Kai Chung*, Shih-Chieh Dai*, Lun-Wei Ku (*Equal contribution)
HCII 2019 [paper]

Research Experience

Research Assistant
Jul 2017 ~ Present
Undergraduate Research
Jul 2018 ~ Jan 2020

User oriented computing Lab, NCCU

Advisor:Prof. Yi-Ling Lin

Work Experience

Software Developer
Feb 2020 ~ Jun 2020
Web Engineer
Oct 2019 ~ Nov 2019
Teaching Assistant
Feb 2019 ~ Jun 2019

Department of Computer Science, NCCU

Course:Programming 101


Graduation Project Competition Second Place
Project:MindReader-A Micro-moment Recommendation Mechanism API
Advisor:Prof. Yi-Ling Lin
NCCU, Taiwan, 2019

Creative Software Applications Contest Award Excellent Work Honorable Mention
Project:CHACHA:An App can recommend a drink for you
Advisor:Prof. Fang Yu
Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 2018