Shih-Chieh Dai (戴士捷)

Taipei, TW

I am an incoming M.S student at the University of Texas at Austin.


    🥳 2021/03/17 One paper has been accepted by WWW 2021 Demonstration Track
    🥳 2020/11/29 One paper has been accepted by WSDM 2021 Demonstration Track


The University of Texas at Austin
M.S in Information Studies
Austin, TX, USA | 2021 - Present

National Chengchi University
B.S in Management Information Systems
Taipei, Taiwan | 2016 - 2020


Escape from Echo Chamber
Shih-Chieh Dai*, Kuan-Chieh Lo*, Aiping Xiong, Jing Jiang,and Lun-Wei Ku (*Equal contribution)
WWW 2021 Demo Track

All the Wiser: Fake News Intervention Using User Reading Preferences
Shih-Chieh Dai*, Kuan-Chieh Lo*, Aiping Xiong, Jing Jiang,and Lun-Wei Ku (*Equal contribution)
WSDM 2021 Demo Track

Exam Keeper: Detecting Questions with Easy-to-Find Answers
Shih-Chieh Dai, Ting-Lun Hsu*,and Lun-Wei Ku (*Equal contribution)
WWW 2019 Demo Track [paper] [video]

Upstream, Downstream or Competitor? Detecting Company Relations for Commercial Activities
Yi-Pei Chen*, Ting-Lun Hsu*, Wen-Kai Chung*, Shih-Chieh Dai*, Lun-Wei Ku (*Equal contribution)
HCII 2019 [paper]

Research Experience

Research Assistant
Jul 2017 ~ Present
Undergraduate Research
Jul 2018 ~ Jan 2020

User oriented computing Lab, NCCU

Advisor:Prof. Yi-Ling Lin

Work Experience

Lab Infrastructure Manager/System Administrator
Jan. 2019 ~ Present

NLPSA, Academia Sinica

Manage GPU servers in the lab and maintain web server, file server (NAS), and database (10 servers and 22 GPUs)

Software Engineer
Feb 2020 ~ Jun 2020

Fintech Research Center, NCCU

Developed a conformance tool using Flask, Python, Swagger and Docker for the third party providers to test interfaces and data endpoints against the Taiwan Open Banking API standard

Web Developer
Oct 2019 ~ Nov 2019


Developed website [Link] using HTML, JavaScript, CSS for Taiwan International Fisheries and Seafood Show (TIFSS)

Teaching Assistant
Feb 2019 ~ Jun 2019

Department of Computer Science, NCCU

Course:Programming 101


Graduation Project Competition Second Place
Project:MindReader-A Micro-moment Recommendation Mechanism API
Advisor:Prof. Yi-Ling Lin
NCCU, Taiwan, 2019

Creative Software Applications Contest Excellent Work Honorable Mention
Project:CHACHA:An App can recommend a drink for you
Advisor:Prof. Fang Yu
Ministry of Education, Taiwan, 2018


Conference Reviewer